Symptoms at Early Stage Chronic Renal Failure

he went to nephrology department, and was diagnosed as Chronic Renal Failure. The symptoms of early-stage Chronic Renal Failure are not obvious and can hide for a long time, which may be detected when the onset of primary disease appears. Only if we pay much attention to our health will we easily find the traces of Chronic Renal Failure at the early stage.

The symptoms may be various in patients with Chronic Renal Failure, some of which have one systematic symptom, while some have several systematic symptoms. If you have one or more symptoms as follows, you should go to hospital to take tests timely, which is quite possible to help you get rid of Chronic Renal Failure.

Ⅰ Digestive symptom is the earliest and most common symptom of Chronic Renal Failure.
The primary manifestations are poor appetite, dysgeusia (the distortion of the sense of taste), nausea and vomit, and a few people may have diarrhea, abdominal distention and constipation. All the symptoms are resulted from urotoxin retention, which can be directly linked to the disorder of digestive function. However, many people may not make these symptoms involved in Chronic Renal Failure. 

Ⅱ Pale or little yellow looks is related to anemia which is one symptom of Chronic Renal Failure. People usually ignore the condition of anemia because of slow progression of this disease.

Ⅲ Swelling is the symptom of early-stage Chronic Renal Failure which is comparatively easy to be detected. It usually occurs on ankle or eyelids, which can disappear after rest.

Ⅳ The output of urine reduce.Reduced urine output is one symptom of Chronic Renal Failure, which is caused by decreased renal filtration function. Some patients will have this symptom accompanied by the progression of Chronic Renal Failure. However, many patients have normal output of urine, which contains less waste and toxins, and that is why we can not diagnose the renal function just according to the output of urine.

Ⅴ High blood pressure or hypertension is related to the retention of water and sodium in the body resulted from damaged kidney. Hypertension also can be aroused by some substances secreted by damaged kidney. High blood pressure accompanied by poor blood coagulation can induce nosebleed and gingival bleeding, which should be paid attention to.

Ⅵ Fatigue is the earliest symptom of early-stage Chronic Renal Failure because there are so many causes which can lead to fatigue. Especially the person works like a dog, which is a piece of cake for them.

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