Swine Flu


What is swine flu?

The swine flu virus is passed from human-to-human and can feel like a ‘normal’ flu with symptoms such as headache, fever and shivers.

In 2009, a new strain of the swine flu virus (N1H1) designed a pandemic worldwide. The origins of this have been traced to South America. Prior to this, swine flu was not a virus which was effortlessly spread from pigs to humans, and then from human-to-human thereafter.


Symptoms of swine flu include:

Higher temperature



Sore throat

Runny nose



Upset stomach

Loss of appetite


Muscle aches and pains

Joint discomfort



It can take up to 7 days for your swine flu symptoms to turn out to be apparent.


Swine flu is contagious. It is thought to originate in pigs, but this has by no means been unequivocally proved. When a pandemic happens, this indicates that there is worldwide outbreak of the spreading of the virus.


If you are suffering from the aforementioned symptoms and believe that you may possibly have the swine flu virus do not go to your medical doctor or nearby (nearest) hospital. As an alternative, keep at house and get in touch with your GP. You can also the National Flu Service on 0800 1 513 3100 or on-line at: www.direct.gov.uk/pandemicflu.

A diagnosis will be made based on your description of your symptoms.

Note: Do make contact with your GP directly (rather than the National Flu Service) if you are pregnant, consider that your kid could have the virus (and is beneath 1 year old), or have a significant underlying illness.

Effect on your life

The effect of swine flu will generally be the exact same as ‘normal’ flu.

You are best to go to bed till your symptoms clear up. As swine flu is a contagious situation, stay away from contact with other folks until you have completely recovered.


As swine flu is a virus it is generally treated with a vaccine. A five-day course of the antiviral medication Tamiflu® will typically be prescribed. Though this will not cure swine flu, it can be successful in controlling and lowering symptoms till your body recovers.

How Chemist On the internet can assist

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Guidance &amp Assistance
National Pandemic Flu Service
Tel. 0800 1 513 3100 or Text telephone 0800 151 3200
Site: www.direct.gov.uk/pandemicflu

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