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What’s Unsafe About Swine Flu (h1n1)

This new “swine flu” passes effortlessly from human to human (not from pig to human). Vaccinations function by introducing a weakened or dead strain of the virus into the body. The physique builds up an immunity to the weakened or dead virus. When the complete strength live virus tries to invade the physique the physique can fight back with the previously created antibodies.

Antibiotics are only helpful for secondary bacterial infections. They have no impact on viral infections. None at all. Nada. Nothing. Don’t believe taking a series of antibiotics will avert or treat swine flu, or any other virus for that matter.

Even though influenza is generally not a significant overall health danger there have been epidemics that have had fatal and far reaching effects. The influenza pandemic of 1917 – 1920 killed far more folks than the black plague, estimates variety from 20 million to 50 million. Pandemic implies that the illness has a wide geographic distribution. Most influenza viruses are air borne inside a limited 6 foot variety, which signifies you do not need to physically come in speak to with an infected particular person to be infected yourself.

The quite first documented case of (N1H1) Swine Flu is of a 5 year old boy in Mexico in early April. The boy lived in a modest village of 3000 individuals in La Gloria in the state of Veracruz. Flu outbreak was reported in the village. Only the boy tested positive for swine flu. The village was next to a pig farm owned by the U.S. business Smithfield Foods. None of the pigs tested optimistic for swine flu or exhibited swine flu symptoms.

A new influenza strain can be hazardous if it spreads rapidly and mutates as it goes. The physique has no likelihood to create up an immunity and the healthcare community hasn’t time to create a vaccine. Because the first case was reported April 2 the (H1N1) Swine Flu has spread to four continents and 11 nations in a tiny a lot more than 4 weeks. That rate of infection is potentially hazardous. Keep in mind that even though there might be less than 1000 cases officially documented there could be one hundred instances that a lot of folks in fact infected. There is no regulation or law that says a person have to see a medical doctor if they have flu symptoms or that the doctor have to test for the flu. Numerous situations go unreported.

Preceding flu viruses have an typical infection rate of a single person infecting two other folks. Does not sound like a lot does it? Look at it this way: if every particular person infects two other folks inside a 48 hour period (average length of time to become infected) by the end of 30 days that one particular person will have brought on the infection of more than 130,000 others. Inside 45 days the rate accelerates and almost 17 million men and women will have become infected. A flu outbreak can speedily reach enormous proportions.

This is not healthcare tips. If you think you have (N1H1) Swine Flu or any other medical condition, please see your overall health skilled.

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